Book signing announced for July 27

The countdown is well and truly ON for Friends Don’t Tell to be released.

Just fours weeks to go!

Then, you’ll meet Lexi (voiced by me) and Jade (voiced by Grace).

I hope you adore the story as much as we do and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts face-to-face on July 27.

We’ll be hitting Waterstones at their Maidstone branch for a book signing and meet-and-greet at 2pm ’til 4pm.

So, don’t be shy, come along to say hi or ask questions about the book (or even questions not about the book!) in the Fremlin Walk Shopping Centre, ME14 1QP.

Hope to see you on July 27!

In the meantime, get to know Lexi and Jade a little better with their bios…


Age: 16
Star Sign: Scorpio
Fave Song: Emo Girl
Fave Snack: Pop Tarts
Festival Go-To: Doc Martens


Age: 16
Star Sign: Gemini
Fave Song: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Fave Snack: Hummus and carrot sticks
Festival Go-To: Green glitter