Friends Don't Tell
My first book is out NOW!!!
Nadia Mendoza
Nadia Mendoza

About me

Hey! I’m Nadz, YA author and bookworm.

I tried writing my first book a decade ago. I sent it EVERYWHERE, but I never got that magic ‘yes’.

My love of writing led me to journalism and I landed a dream job as a showbiz reporter, interviewing A-listers and living in LA. I also started The Self-Esteem Team, delivering mental health talks in schools to help young people.

But my dream for fiction wouldn’t shift…

Then, one day, my friend Grace and I got chatting about how fun it’d be to write together. Our first book also got turned down, but a zillion ideas and rewrites later, and being very close to giving up, we got a book deal.

So, if you’ve got a dream, keep going. If you want to do that thing, you can!

I believe in you.

Now, I voice Lexi in YA thriller Friends Don’t Tell. There’s quite a bit of Lexi in me. Her love of music helps her escape, but secretly she struggles more than she lets on… In fact, I think there’s quite a bit of Lexi in all of us.

Nadz Factz

*I am a junk food fanatic. I could happily have chips or crisps with every meal, or live off Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream (Half Baked flavour) forever. And chocolate Pop Tarts too!

*I love tattoos and their hidden meanings, especially the ribbon on my leg which symbolises my recovery from self-harm… but I also have one I regret and am removing it.

*My birthday is December 21, which is winter solstice and the longest night of the year – perfect for parties! I love being a Xmas baby as friends are up for fun this time of year.

*I have two cats. Jackson gets his name from artist Jackson Pollock as it looks like his tail’s been dipped in white paint. Nidge is named after the top gangster in TV show Love/Hate.

*I met my dream boy at Reading Festival during a Biffy Clyro set. I was taking notes for a review, so he asked, ‘Who are you writing for?’ We shared my vodka… and now we’re married!

*I first dyed my hair pink to hide when I tried to go blonde! I say ‘tried’ as it went more of an orange. My sister suggested I cover it with a colour – and I’ve been pink ever since.

*My mum has a terminal illness, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), and I struggle with this a lot. I will never have the words to describe it, it’s heartbreaking to see her suffer.

*Even though people might not always guess, I’m a huge introvert. So, I don’t always feel confident using my voice. Sometimes, I’m okay with this, but it can also be frustrating.