YALC 2022: Come say hi on July 8

YALC 2022
YALC 2022

Getting lost in alternate worlds of YA has always been something I’ve done alone; whether in my bedroom, on the train, or even in the bath.

So, when I discovered there’s a real-life place where fans come together and celebrate all things YA, it literally sounded like fiction!

To then be invited onto the line-up of YALC 2022, the UK’s biggest Young Adult book fest, is an actual DREAM.

I’m buzzing to say that me and Grace will be signing copies of Friends Don’t Tell on July 8 for this year’s extravaganza in London.


We’ll also be speaking on the ‘I’m Only Me When I’m With You’ panel, exploring different types of friendships found in YA.

When we’re not chatting or signing copies, I’ll most likely be fangirling my fave authors – Juno Dawson, Holly Bourne, and Danielle Jawando.

Please do come say hi, I would absolutely love to meet fellow YA enthusiasts for a chat or to swap recommendations.

You can grab your tickets by clicking here: YALC 2022.

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